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Video graffiti artist
A master thief in a den of thieves
Copy and clone often stoned
Pass it off as his own
A maverick with a small pic
Never answers his phone
Mugged robbed stabbed yet kept hold of his kebab
An acid trip a comic strip
Walsalls finest visual propagandist spray it like it is
Total cred his heads a shed Never goes to bed
Rapocolypse a work of staggering genius
Nuff respect



Taiwo Ogunneye
Jamesy Rex
Kofi Billz

Taiwo Ogunneye

Lagos London Leeds indefinite leave
Master of ceremony the real deal
Talkin’ black purgatory rap
World class simple as
Underdog son of God
A divine force that fights lions
Cos you gotta live
Mean streets impossible dream
Big team for the whole team
Bruddah tell it how it is

Jamesy Rex

Clever bright always fookin’ right
A self obsessed piece of rappers delight
One of a kind
A legend in his own mind
White trash cocky twat
The King of one take rap
A genuine contender fooked off on a bender
Grabbed the cash that broke noegos piggy bank
No regrets dis an dat
Mixtape mad and bad was worth the spat


Spoilt brat badd ass
Rich kid rapper
Lyrical genius
Relentless effortless leave you breathless
Dylanesque I kid you not
Anti hero deplorable zero
Inferno all sins derive from love
This guy is the bolx
Deffo one to swatch

Kofi Billz

God squad crank
Straight outta Manc
Put all his faith in an invisible friend
Likeable dependable brilliant irresistible
This kid can rule the world
If he give his head a shake
Instant Kofi a rapper from Ghana
The only boy in da hood
Trying to do good
Not under the influence of marijuana

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